Thursday, May 5, 2011

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rooted Judge Samuel Doria Medina

Justice determined to implement three alternative measures to detention against Samuel Doria Medina, including its roots. Cement businessman expressed outrage at the ruling.

Bolivia Informa

The hearing began at 9.00 and within an hour and a half, Judge Criminal 3 °, Ximena Mendizabal, refuted the evidence that the prosecution had raised during the hearing for interim measures , which began Saturday and ended yesterday in Superior Court Chuquisaca. Mendizabal

Doria Medina imposed on the roots, the introduction of four personal guarantors, two in La Paz and two in Sucre, as well as the obligation to appear in court every 15 days. He also gave similar alternatives to preventive detention against former president Jaime Robles, who was arraigned and must be filed every 15 days to justice and have two personal guarantors.
Liberty. Against the former rector of San Francisco Xavier, Jaime Barrón, set to be submitted every 20 days, which is currently under house arrest for the May 24 event, while for the current rector, Walter Arízaga, determined unrestricted freedom. After the hearing, the employer Doria Medina expressed outrage at the decision of the judge Mendizabal.

"I am outraged because I was prosecuted and these actions are taken against me for having created jobs in Sucre, for making Fancesa grow, but that does not make me lose faith in either Bolivia or Sucre. I'm going to keep working and I also do not lose faith in Bolivia because this government is temporary, these arbitrary acts of justice are temporary, "he said.
jobs. When asked whether the decision was right or wrong, Doria Medina said: "If I had committed any crime, could be considered if is adequate or not the measure, but are they doing this because I have created over 1,000 jobs in Chuquisaca, because I have made this company grow. That's my only crime. "

For his part, Walter Arízaga expressed his pleasure at the ruling and said that from now on devote more time managing the university, and left "in the hands of his lawyers, and God" the judicial process.

Meanwhile, Barron said that this ruling confirms that at no time tried to hurt the Mayor, but always thought the factory chuquisaqueña magnify. The judge set within 10 days for a new hearing and announced that the parties have 72 hours to file an appeal. Doria Medina could appeal.



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